Can Hardwood Flooring Acclimate in a Box?

People often wonder if they can acclimate their hardwood flooring while it’s boxed up. The short answer? No, this is not a good idea. At Vermont Hardwoods, we don’t box our flooring at all. Other companies may choose to do so, but you should remove it from the box to acclimate properly. Let’s explore why that is.

Why Do I Need to Acclimate Flooring?

Wood is a sponge and will eventually equalize to whatever conditions it finds itself in. Extra moisture will expand the boards, while dry air can cause them to shrink. Leaving wood flooring to acclimate to the humidity of your living environment for two weeks allows it to expand or contract before installation.

Getting the humidity level wrong can damage your hardwood flooring

Acclimation lessens the amount of shrinkage or expansion that occurs after installation, which prevents potential problems later, like buckling, cupping or warping. This is why it’s so important that the acclimation happen in an environment as close as possibly to daily use conditions. If the flooring is left in a box, the wood is insulated from the room’s environment and may not acclimate properly.

So How Do I Acclimate Hardwood Flooring Properly?

Ideal acclimation takes place in the same place and conditions that the flooring will be installed. Acclimation of indoor flooring shouldn’t happen on a construction site while the structure is still open to outside air, but indoors, with any heat or air conditioning running to keep the room at living temperature. You should also allow air flow around the flooring, so that each piece gets equal exposure to the environment. Attempting to acclimate in a box not only insulates the flooring, it also prevents this air flow.

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Our team at Vermont Hardwoods are here to help you determine the best way to acclimate your hardwood flooring. Learn more about how to acclimate flooring and how our delivery drivers can advise you.

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