Vermont Hardwoods is as much like a family as a company and we are proud to introduce our valued employees.

Our employees mean a lot to us and each other. Many friendships have formed, and you can count on someone to pitch in and help out in times of need.

While there are many things needed to make a company successful, none of them are any good without employees, especially good employees; we consider ourselves fortunate to have a great bunch. Here you can briefly meet each one, but you are more than welcome to visit us and meet them in person.

David WaldmannOwner/President Since 1982

David started at Vermont Hardwoods immediately after graduation from high school in 1982. He started in customer service and purchased the company in 1988. He and Rebecca (his wife and business partner) have two grown children, one of which also works at Vermont Hardwoods. David is active in a local church and enjoys Bible study, long distance bike riding and travel.

Rebecca WaldmannOwner / Vice President since 1998

Before marriage Rebecca was employed as a mortgage processor and underwriter but now assists David with the business by answering phones and tending to the administrative side of things. She is active in women’s ministry, enjoys gardening, entertaining and spending time with family and friends. Rebecca is also a travel enthusiast, amateur writer, and mixed media creative who loves to play with color.

Jason StearnsMoulder Technician since 1992

If there ever was a “key man” at VFH, Jason fills the bill. Since he’s been here since the old days of “before moulder,” Jason has done practically every job there is to do around the shop. Jason enjoys his family with his wife Patty.

Kevin DaySpecial Projects since 2003

A woodworker through and through, Kevin just can’t breathe enough sawdust. His hobby is furniture building in his home shop, where he makes everything from cradles to gun cabinets, and so is the logical go-to guy for the more unique projects that come into our shop. But his first love is his family, from his wife all the way down to his grandkids for whom he has made his own “stay at Grandpa’s” room. It has a floor made from specially picked boards over the course of a couple years and furniture not only rugged enough to withstand the rigors of a growing boy, but (a favorite Kevin expression) as heavy as a covered bridge.

Pete CarsonVolunteer since 2003

Like a rare gem, Pete can always be counted on to brighten your day. An “actual employee” for several years, when Pete had to stop working because of health issues, he found that he couldn’t really leave. At least once a week he comes in (sometime bearing a crock pot full of chili, jars of home grown pickles, horseradish or who knows what) and sweeps the warehouse. As an immigrant from Slovenia, Pete doesn’t know the meaning of retirement. His house “in the Dungeon” (a local road and old hamlet called Popple Dungeon) is never lacking activity; whether his garden in the summer or a batch of home made wine or cider in the fall or winter, Pete doesn’t know what it is to slow down and take a break. And all this in spite of problems with his feet and legs that make it a chore to stand, let alone walk. What an example!

Sean WilliamsFraming Department Manager since 2008

Though still a “young” man, his knowledge, great work ethic and willingness to help with whatever is needed make Sean a great asset to Vermont Hardwoods. Sean and his wife Kayla’s lives are very busy with kids Anna and Braden, and he enjoys watching all the Boston sports teams whenever he gets a chance.

Alyssa WaldmannFraming Assistant since 2018

Alyssa is the heartbeat of the framing room, almost always listening (and sometimes singing) to music and moving fast, with a purpose. She has a tremendous work ethic and goes above and beyond to make sure orders get done quickly and correctly. She also happens to be married to David and Rebecca’s son Jonathan.

Jonathan Waldmann Flooring Sales since 2020

Jonathan worked at Vermont Hardwoods in his youth but left the shop in 2009 to pursue a college education. In the summer of 2019, the flooring sales position opened up and after a lot of deliberation, Jonathan decided to rejoin the family business with that role in mind.

Jan ObdrzalekSanding, packaging since 2022

I came to America as a young boy with my family as a political refugee from Czech Republic, then CzechoSlovakia. After the closing of the family business of over 35 years, I found VH as a familiar outlet because of the close knit crew of workers who run it. When I’m not sanding away at VH, I enjoy physical fitness, running, boxing, and spending quality time with my significant other and our 2 goofy dogs. You can also catch me playing music at many local venues and restaurants.

Joe ChabotMachine Operator since 2022

Focused and detail oriented Joe is a quick learner who puts his best effort into everything he does. Outside of work he enjoys training jiu jitsu, riding his motorcycle and going camping.

Griffen LucasMachine operator since 2023

Griffen is multi-talented with a knack for taking things apart and putting them back together again. He enjoys motorcycle mechanics and riding VT roads, gaming, and acquiring antiques and collectibles.

Joey RivasFraming assistant since 2023

I come from a family of carpenters and woodworkers who taught me to love seeing projects come together. When I’m not working I enjoy playing with my dogs, cooking or watching a good movie with my fiancé.

Harold BukerMachine Operator since 2023

All around handyman kind of guy who enjoys staying busy. When he’s not building something, he’s tinkering and bringing old vehicles back to life.

Grady LockerbyFinishing Assistant since 2024

I have lived in Vermont my whole life, I come from a big family of varying trades professions, including an uncle that works here at Vermont Hardwoods as well. In my free time I enjoy hunting, fishing, lifting weights and watching movies.

Christian ThayerGeneral Manager since 2024

Christian has been hanging around wood shops since he was a teenager and spent over ten years as a lumber grader in a local sawmill. Having been a friend of Vermont Hardwoods for close to twenty years, joining the team only felt natural. Christian enjoys spending time with his wife and seven children, as well as hiking Vermont’s beautiful Green Mountains, fly fishing for trout and wood turning.

Employment Opportunities

We are always on the lookout for employees who are as excited about creating superior products for our customers as we are! If you are a team player who can adapt to a fast-paced environment while keeping customer service at the forefront, we’d like to hear from you!

Employee Benefits

  • Health Insurance – Depending on policy chosen we pay most, balance is taken as a pre-tax deduction. Additionally, a Limited Purpose Flexible Spending account is funded by Vermont Hardwoods to cover other costs such as dental and vision.
  • Paid Holidays – 8 days per year
  • Paid Sick Time – 5 days per year
  • Paid Vacation:
    • 5 days years 1 − 2
    • 10 days years 3 − 10
    • 15 days years 11 − 20
    • 20 days years 21+
  • Safety Shoes reimbursement as needed
  • Other Safety Equipment – Hand, eye and ear protection all provided at no charge.
  • Retirement Plan – We match the employee’s pre-tax contribution (up to a maximum of 4% of their salary) in our 401(k) plan.
  • Discounts – 20% discount off retail prices on material purchased for personal use.
  • Other Discounts – Arrangement with other Chamber of Commerce participants: fuel oil, ski passes, etc. (changes per current member offerings).

If you think you might fit into our family, please contact us for an application.

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