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Completely transform any space with beautiful wood flooring and stairs. Add value, style, and durability to your home with sustainable flooring, wide plank flooring, and stair treads, risers, and railings. Browse our solid wood flooring by wood species, grade and style to find the perfect match for your home or commercial space. All of our flooring is custom made to order, lead times vary.

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Popular species:

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring complements almost any decor.

It’s been used for hundreds of years in New England and around the world, and adapts to almost any home style. Hardwood flooring also outlasts modern materials. In fact, many colonial farmhouses still wear the original floorboards from over 200 years ago!

Since solid wood floors are long-lasting and rarely need replacing, they add to a house’s value. They also contribute to the distinct aesthetic character of a home or commercial space, and will gain character over time.

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Stair Treads & Railings

Don’t stop with your floors. We can provide your home with stair treads, risers and railing materials in a variety of styles to match your personal aesthetic. Give your home a fresh new look by adding custom hardwood stairs and railings.

We also offer custom treads such as floating stairs, winders, super-thick treads, and more!

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Choose Wood Species

Choose from a wide selection of wood species. For a more traditional New England look, we offer a premium grade of Eastern White Pine. This wide plank flooring produces a down-to-earth approach that works well in everything from an old farmhouse to a modern post and beam or log house.

Eastern White Pine is very soft, but we also offer Southern Yellow Pine and Southern Yellow Heart Pine which are much harder. In fact, Heart Pine is almost as hard as Red Oak!

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Finishing Options

We recommend finishing in place to preserve the best attributes of your solid wood wide-plank floor. With finishing in place you have available the benefit of a penetrating oil based finish which will reveal the inner glow and cannot be duplicated by any other method.

Pre-finishing provides the beauty and durability of a solid wide plank solid wood with the immediate gratification of a finished floor.

Which is better? That all depends on your needs and desires. We are here to help you decide which route is right for you.

Flooring Finish Options

Get it Done Right!

Your wide plank floor is a big investment and should last several lifetimes. We highly recommend you hire a professional installer to ensure that it’s done right the first time.

As members of the National Wood Flooring Association, we can recommend these local certified installers who we’ve worked with successfully in the past.

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Flooring Tips

Want to prep for your new flooring or tackle installation? Check out our helpful flooring guides. Find tips on preparation, acclimation and installation. Plus, learn how to determine square footage for your flooring project, explore flooring grades, joints and patterns – and more!

Flooring Tips


Our lumber comes from North American forests that are managed and increasing in their size.

  • The wood we use is from Appalachian and New England forests (except for Southern Yellow Pine and Heart Pine from Southern forests), which cuts down on emissions from transportation
  • Using any wood product helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Using raw materials sourced and processed in the US contributes to our local economy

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