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Completely transform any space with beautiful solid wood flooring and stairs. Add value, style, and durability to your home with sustainable flooring, wide plank flooring, and stair treads, risers, and railings. Browse our solid wood flooring by wood species, grade and style to find the perfect match for your home or commercial space. All of our flooring is custom made to order, lead times vary.

Popular Species:

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Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring complements almost any decor.

It’s been used for hundreds of years in New England and around the world, and adapts to almost any home style. Hardwood flooring also outlasts modern materials. In fact, many colonial farmhouses still wear the original floorboards from over 200 years ago!

Since solid wood floors are long-lasting and rarely need replacing, they add to a house’s value. They also contribute to the distinct aesthetic character of a home or commercial space, and will gain character over time.

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Stair Treads & Railings

Don’t stop with your floors. We can provide your home with stair treads, risers and railing materials in a variety of styles to match your personal aesthetic. Give your home a fresh new look by adding custom hardwood stairs and railings.

We also offer custom treads such as floating stairs, winders, super-thick treads, and more!

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Choose Wood Species

With over a dozen species of domestic hardwoods to choose from, it can be hard to know which species is best for your hardwood floor. Browse our catalog to review the hardness, grain pattern, color, and cost of each species . We even provide recommendations of which rooms the species would work best in; tips for calculating square footage; and a guide to understanding grades, joints, and patterns to make your life easier!

Featured Species


Oak is one of the strongest species of hardwood available, making it an excellent choice for flooring. White Oak is strong, beautiful, easy-to-work, and economical, representing exceptional value. While known for its use in furniture, White Oak is also a great choice for flooring. We offer white Oak flat sawn, live sawn, quartered, and rift.

Oak Flooring


For a more traditional New England look, we offer a premium grade of Eastern White Pine. This wide plank flooring produces a down-to-earth approach that works well in everything from an old farmhouse to a modern post and beam or log house.

Eastern White Pine is very soft, but we also offer Southern Yellow Pine and Southern Yellow Heart Pine which are much harder. In fact, Heart Pine is almost as hard as Red Oak!

Pine Flooring

Finishing Options

Flooring finishes expand the style possibilities of a hardwood floor while simultaneously improving the quality. An important function of many finishes is to help protect the wood and increase your floor’s durability. Understanding the flooring options available can help you make the best choice for your home.

Types of Flooring Finishes

A clear finish is the most popular selection, but you can also can also talk to your installer about the differences between oil based and water based finishes as well as adding stains or tints to your flooring. Some woods with tight grain patterns, such as Maple or Birch, don’t absorb stain as well as others.

Finishing in Place

Flooring finishes are often applied after the flooring is laid. This is called “finishing in place.” We offer floor sanding (in our shop) so you can install and then apply a finish yourself without the need for renting a sander or learning the ins and outs of using one.

The end results of finishing in place are superior to other methods in terms of consistency, color and finish matching. With finishing in place you have the benefit of a penetrating oil based finish which will reveal the inner glow of your hardwood floor and cannot be duplicated by any other method. Depending on your skill level or that of your installer (we recommend a professional) your choices of color, sheen and texture are infinite.

Value-Added Services

When each plank comes off the pile ready to install, the whole day runs smoother. Vermont Hardwoods offers the following services for your flooring order.


  • Not available with a square pattern.

End Trimming

  • End trimming enables quick and easy installation without needing a precise cut on the end of the planks since we do it for you.
  • If ordering a microbevel pattern, we can also microbevel the cut ends to match.
  • Price varies by grade and pattern. Please ask for pricing based on your particular needs.

Cut Nails

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Get it Done Right!

Your wide plank floor is a big investment and should last several lifetimes. We highly recommend you hire a professional installer to ensure that it’s done right the first time.

As members of the National Wood Flooring Association, we can recommend these local installers who we’ve worked with successfully in the past.

Our Recommended Installers

Flooring TipsGrades, Joints & Patterns

Grades: The grade of the flooring describes its coloring, allowable “defects” such as knots, and possibly grain. Not all grades are available in each type of wood, and some types of wood have additional grades.

Standard Flooring Grade

  • Country – A rustic look with sound knots and strong color variance
  • Select – Clear of knots but still a mix of lighter and darker colors
  • Prime – Clear, and only the predominant color

Joints: The flooring joint determines how the boards are fit together; the joint mechanism lies along the edge(s) of the board. Joints are available for all types of wood unless otherwise noted.

  • Tongue and Groove: One edge has a rectangular piece sticking out in the center and the other edge has a rectangular piece cut into it. *Face nails or screws are recommended for boards 10″ and wider.
  • ShipLap: One edge has a rectangular piece sticking out at the bottom and the other edge has a rectangular piece cut into it. *Face nails or screws required.
  • Square Edge: No joint – the boards lay flush to each other. *Face nails or screws required. Pine only.

Patterns: The pattern of the flooring is functional or decorative shaping along the top edges of the board that creates a pattern when the boards are put next to each other. All patterns are available for any joint.

  • Square: No shaping along the edges of the board – the edges are square
  • Microbevel: A small groove in a “V” shape. Standard width of the groove is 0.100″, but can be 0.030″-0.250″ upon request.
  • V-Groove: A wider groove in the shape of a “V”. Standard width of the groove is 0.250″, but can be 0.250″-0.375″ upon request.
  • Beadboard: A groove 0.500″ wide in the shape of a “V” with a semicircle 0.250″ wide in the center that almost comes flush with the face of the board. Additionally, there is another bead in the center of the face.

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Our lumber comes from North American forests that are managed and increasing in their size.

  • The wood we use is from Appalachian and New England forests (except for Southern Yellow Pine and Heart Pine from Southern forests), which cuts down on emissions from transportation
  • Using any wood product helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Using raw materials sourced and processed in the US contributes to our local economy

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