Popular Reddish Wood Floors & Décor

Reddish wood floors are a popular trend that can be implemented in virtually any home with careful planning and consideration.

What type of wood?

When selecting a wood for your reddish wood floor, you can choose from species that have a natural red hue, or add a reddish finish to a species that is not already red.

Here are some examples of species that are natural red in color:


A slightly less expensive alternative to Red Birch, Cherry stands on its own merits as well, charming countless homes with its rich warm hues. Cherry is a moderately hard wood with unmistakable color and tone. Cherry is available in Country, Select or Prime grades with widths of 4″ to 7″ and lengths of 6′ to 10′. Need longer? Lengths of up to 12′ may be available on special order.

Red Birch

The center of the Yellow Birch tree is a rich reddish-brown color long prized by furniture and cabinetmakers. While the exotic “flame birch” is somewhat rare, all birch, including our red birch, has a grain that shimmers, giving it a lively appearance. Prime Red Birch is available in widths of 3″ to 6″.

Red Oak

Though often given a bum rap because of extensive use in tract house strip flooring, Red Oak is beautiful in its own right, especially in the wider widths. Red Oak is available in four grades:

  • Country: A rustic look with mostly sound knots and strong color variance
  • Select: Clear, predominantly the darker heartwood; occasional small stripe of sapwood
  • Select Quartered: Like Select, but sawn for its secondary “ray fleck” graining figure and extreme stability
  • Select Rift: Like Select, but sawn for its exceptional straight grain and extreme stability

Red Oak is available in widths of 4″ to 7″ and lengths of 6′ to 12′. Widths of up to 9″ may be available on special order.

What to pair with Reddish Wood Floors

Once you’ve selected what species you’ll use for your new reddish floor, it’s time to think about what will pair nicely with it.

Wall colors

According to Decorated Life, neutral colors are a great option to pair with reddish wood floors. White, for example, creates a stark contrast with the red hues of your floor. For something softer and more toned down, go with a gray or taupe.

Another option is to select blue or green shades, which add a bit more personality to your home and create a bright and cheery vibe, without overshadowing your beautiful hardwood floor. Green can also bring out the earthy tones in the wood.

Last but not least, you’ll want to avoid shades of red and yellow, which will clash with your reddish wood floor.


When it comes to furniture and home decor, use a variety of materials such as fabrics, leather, metal, concrete, painted surfaces. A room full of wood furniture with a hardwood floor can be too much, according to Better Homes & Gardens. Use upholstered seating, accent furniture, area rugs and wall decor to create balance, and use smaller wood accents such as picture frames or the legs of furniture to tie the room together.

If you choose to have some wooden pieces in the room, go for furniture with red undertones, but mix it up when it comes to textures and stains.



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