Custom Wood Picture Frames

With over 40 years of picture framing experience, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality custom wood picture frames for commercial applications. Browse through our gallery of picture frame profiles, or work with us to find just the right profile for your application. We also provide corner samples, detailed application guides and picture frame supplies for your convenience. Our ordering process is seamless. Get started by adding products to your Cart.

Note: We manufacture hardwood picture frame components, including moulding and empty frames. We do not supply other materials that you may need to complete your project, including but not limited to glass, backs, mats, backing, hanging supplies, etc. It is presumed that anyone placing an order with us has a good understanding of wood and as well as common standards and practices within the picture framing industry. If you are an individual who wants completed picture frames to match your hardwood floors, paneling, or to frame your own work, we strongly encourage you to contact and support your local professional picture framer. Frame shops can order directly from us and frame your artwork in the wood selection desired to perfectly compliment your piece.


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Custom Wood Picture Frame Profile Options

Browse our extensive online listings of picture frame moulding profiles, including those for small caps, large caps, decorative caps, flats, floaters, and more. Or create a completely custom profile to match your specifications. Whether it’s a simple modification to one of our existing profiles, a cap moulding with different specs than the 14 stock ones, or a reproduction of an intricate antique frame, we’ve got you covered.

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About Custom Profiles

Picture Frame Finishes

Complete your custom frame with a wide range of finishing options, including raw, sanded, oil and wax, and many New Traditions color options — stains, paints and washes that highlight natural assets of the wood. We custom blend our own sheens based on the color of the finish, as differing colors represent their own unique character. In addition, view samples of each species with finish options applied.

Picture Frame Finishes

Custom Wood Picture Frame Corner Samples and Supplies

We offer corner samples to show you what the corner of your frame will look like once joined. Order one of our standard sample sets, or request a custom sample. We can create a corner sample out of any combination of profile, wood, and finishes that we offer. Choose from either mitered chop or finished corner frame options.

Frame Corner Samples

How to Order Custom Wood Picture FramesCut Types

Length: Length is sold as a random assortments of sticks that range from 4′ to 8′ long (up to 10′ in larger profiles), with a minimum order quantity of 20′. This cut is ideal when you have multiple frames to make, or want to have stock on hand for future orders.

Straight Cut Chop: This option gives you the opportunity to specify a frame size, and be assured that the pieces you receive will be exactly the size(s) you need, with matching color and grain.

Mitered Chop: Similar to the Straight Cut Chop, but we miter to the size specified, plus allowance (1/8″ is default on most profiles, but you can specify otherwise if desired). For easy assembly, you have the option of adding a Hoffmann Dovetail to Mitered Chops.

Chop and Join: We use the Hoffmann Dovetail system to join a raw or pre-finished Mitered Chop. Please note, additional packaging charges apply, and UPS costs are likely to be higher with this option.

Finished (Splined) Corner: Raw moulding is first mitered and joined, then slots are cut at a 45° angle in the outside corners and strips of wood called splines are inserted. Once the glue has dried the excess spline material is trimmed off, sanded smooth, and then the completed frame is topped with the finish of your choice.

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