Vendor Support

Our vendor partners have access to wholesale pricing, credit accounts, and POS Systems to help streamline your sales process and stay current with Vermont Hardwoods’ inventory. If you have an online account with us, you will also enjoy the convenience of automatic form filling, custom pricing, and online ordering.

What are the benefits of creating an online account?

The major benefits of an online account come from connecting it to your business:

  • View orders, invoices, shopping history and more!
  • Wholesale pricing is automatically reflected on eligible accounts.

To set up your professional account today, please download and complete one of these forms:

No less than 30 days after your first order paid by Credit Card, cash or C.O.D. we will accept applications for our Open Account with terms of Net 30.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

As you are well aware, computers are becoming a way of life for more and more of us each day. Though we may love to hate them they are here to stay.

One way they can make your life easier is with the so-called Point of Sale (POS) software packages specifically designed for the picture framing industry. In addition to helping you keep track of your customers, jobs, inventory, etc, they will help you keep your prices up to date because whenever we have a price update we supply it to the software vendor who in turn provides you with updates via the internet.

Following is a list of POS systems we currently supply our data to. If you have a system that’s not listed, let us know and we will add it to our list. Or if you have your own “homegrown” system using a spreadsheet or database we can supply you with an ASCII text file or what-have-you, just let us know.

FrameReady Logo

Petrolia, Ontario, CANADA
(888) 281−3303


Add us as a vendor by going to the Main Menu > Update Vendor Pricing.

  1. Select Vermont Hardwoods from the list, and the update will start. If it’s not visible in the list, click on the USA button.
  2. Enter our item number as it appears in our catalog or website followed by .VH


LifeSaver Logo

Atlanta, GA
(800) 381−0600


Add us as a vendor by going to the Vendor screen and click “add vendor to list”.

  1. Run an Update
  2. Use the prefix VT in front of our item number as it appears in our catalog

Specialty Soft Logo

Wilmington, NC
(800) 417−9248


  1. Select the prefix VH
  2. Type the moulding number as it appears in our catalog


Wizard Logo
Wizard Integrated Framer

Mukilteo, WA
(888) 855−3335


Add us as a vendor by going to your Vendor List.

  1. Add Vermont Hardwoods to your Subscribed Vendors List
  2. Do an Update
  3. Use the prefix VH in front of our item number as it appears in our catalog
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