Frame Corner Samples, Swatches and Supplies

We offer corner samples as examples of what a corner of a frame will look like once joined. Frame corner sample sizes will vary depending on the type of sample. Any combination of profile, wood, and finish that we offer can be made as a corner sample.

Color Changes

If you choose the natural Oil & Wax finish on Cherry, please note that your samples will get much darker over time. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with this color-changing process and make sure your customers also understand that the frame they receive from new wood will most likely NOT match your corner sample. In addition to our traditional Oil & Wax finish, we offer stained finishes that help achieve a similar look without the wait time.

Mitered Chop

Our standard corner samples measure 6″ on the outside and the ends are chevron cut*. The corner is representative of our Chop & Join option. They can be ordered individually, or as a standard set which includes at least one sample of each wood/finish combination available in 43 assorted profiles.

*If you have one of our old sets (or just prefer them this way) with miter cut ends please let us know and we can accommodate you. Note that it will probably take extra time to process your order.

Finished Corner Frame

Finished Corner Frame samples measure 10½” long and the ends are blunt cut. The corner is representative of the join on a Finished Corner Frame. Our standard starter set includes a small cap, large cap, floater, and 2 flats to show the configuration of the spline(s). Individual samples of your choice are available as well.

Finished Corner Frame samples do not qualify for our rebate program.


If you are limited on space, or just want to be able to easily see all the 42 available wood/finish combinations, swatches might be for you. These 3/16” x 2” x 2” chips of the actual wood and finish showcase the depth and range of options for your customers. Swatches are available in two configurations.

Swatch Box

Box with 42 labeled swatches. This little box will come in handy if you have run out of wall space – it will fit in almost any drawer or on your desk without taking up much valuable real estate.

Swatch Board

An MDF board with locating holes to ensure a neat and tidy lining up of the magnetic backed swatches. It will slot in nicely along with your standard sized corner samples and show every available finish at a glance. Many of our customers prefer to have both corner samples as well as the swatch board as it makes it very easy to find the color you’re looking for rather than searching through all the different profiles.


Customers who maintain a buying relationship with Vermont Hardwoods of at least $500 per year are eligible for free new or replacement miter cut corner samples or swatches.

New customers and customers who do not maintain a buying relationship with Vermont Hardwoods of at least $500 per year are eligible for a rebate on miter cut corner samples or swatches: a credit will be applied for the amount spent on corner samples and will automatically be applied against moulding orders until fully used up. The rebate applies to all orders including shipping, but must be used within 12 months after purchase.


Following is a list of supplies used for finishing. We don’t sell the tung oil, but are happy to supply you with the others!

Formby’s Tung Oil
Formby Oil

#30110 − 32 oz. low-gloss

We use this oil on Ash, Maple, and Oak in our Oil & Wax finishing process.

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