Custom Picture Frame Profiles & Colors

We specialize in bringing our customer exactly what they want! We offer a variety of profiles, woods and finishes to satisfy most needs. However, we also understand that some projects require something that is not off the shelf. Whether it’s a simple modification to one of our existing profiles, a cap moulding with different specs than the 14 stock ones, or a reproduction of an intricate antique frame, we’ve got you covered.

Almost any profile imagined can be duplicated by our in-house design and production resources. For custom colors you can either supply us with a Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint color number or simply send us a sample of what you’d like us to match and we’ll work our magic! Minimum order quantity is only 20 feet, although setup fees will apply. Please give us a call or email a detailed drawing with measurements, wood species and quantity desired for a free personalized quote.

Quick Modifications to Picture Frame Profiles

If you need a specific cap height to match an existing frame, or a shallower floater depth to get just the right amount of projection there is no need to go “full custom”. See the various options available below. There are also others not listed – if it’s possible, we will do it.

Profile Type Change Price / LF Min. Charge
Cap Trim Height $1.20 $50.00
Flat Trim Width $1.70 $80.00
Floater Trim Height $2.00 $90.00
Stepped Floater Lower Shelf $1.70 $80.00
L Floater Trim Width $2.00 $90.00
Cap Add Back Rabbet $1.20 $50.00
Cap Add Step $1.70 $80.00
Flat Add Groove $1.50 $70.00
Strainer Plane Down $1.00 $40.00

Prices listed are retail. For wholesale pricing, you must meet wholesale requirements. If your business has met the requirements, contact customer service or log in with your business-connected account.


Variations on Picture Frame Profiles

As mentioned above, we have 14 standard cap mouldings. But that’s not enough! We have run literally hundreds of variations on the theme. For instance, our #130 profile is 1/2 x 1-1/2. But it has a 3/16 Lip and 3/16 rabbet. We have some customers that require a 1/8 Lip. And others that want a 1/4 rabbet. When you consider the four dimensions, and that we can go from as small as 3/8 x 3/4 up to about 3 x 13, you can see that the possibilities are near infinite! Below is a table showing standard rabbet sizes available and the maximum total height we can mill for each one. These will be your most economical options, but we can accommodate almost any request.

Picture Frame Terminology

Rabbet Width Maximum Depth
1/8 2-5/8″
3/32 1-3/8″
3/16 5-1/2″
5/32 3-7/16″
1/4 7-1/2″
5/16 5-1/8″
3/8 5-7/16″
7/16 3-5/16″
1/2 5-3/16″
9/16 5-1/8″
5/8 5-3/8″
3/4 1-3/8″


Full Custom

Here, the possibilities are truly infinite. See below for a few examples of projects we’ve done in the past but please – if you can dream it, ask us. There is very little that we can’t do!

Walnut mirror moulding with solid brass facing:

2-piece Basswood for gilding:

Please note: any variation or full custom will have pricing that varies greatly based on quantity. If you ask for a quote on 2 frames and decide to order just 1, the price will not be half – it will more likely be three quarters. Additionally, on orders for length we allow greater variation from the order quantity than on standard profiles:

20-99 LF -10% to +35%
100-499 LF -10% to +20%
500-1999 LF -5% to +10%
2000+ LF -5% to +5%
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