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$5.40$6.40 $4.48$6.40 sq. ft.

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The Maple Tree foliage has been spectacular this year, so we are doing our level best to match nature’s finery with one of our own.

Grade – Prime
Widths – All 4″
Lengths – mostly 6-10′
Regular Price – $6.40/SF
Discount – 30% off
Discount Price – $4.48/SF
Available – 1800 300 SF
Minimum Order – 300 SF (must take it all)

One of the hardest woods available.

Light, almost white sapwood, grey to brown heartwood. Very tight grain, practically indestructible in almost any application. Hard maple is the choice in professional gymnasiums because of its durability.

All hardwood flooring is 3/4″ thick, solid wood with a Tongue & Groove joint. Other options such as Sanding, End Trimming and different thicknesses are available – add a Note below, or contact us for more information.

Tip – if you’ve already calculated the Square Feet you need to cover, you can just enter a “1” in either the Width or Length field below, and the Square Feet you need in the other. The recommended waste factor will be calculated and added for you.


Bedroom, Den, Dining, Family, Kitchen, Other


Country, Heart, Prime, Select


Beadboard, Microbevel, Square, V-Groove


3, 5 & 7", 4, 6 & 8", Other


No, Yes

*Pre-finishing is available at additional cost. It includes end trimming and varying sheen levels and stain colors. Price varies by quantity, species and grade. If you are interested in Pre-finishing please select yes, and then click "Request a Quote". We will send you an updated estimate that includes pre-finishing.
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