Maple, Ambrosia


$12.25 sq. ft.

All flooring, treads and millwork items are made to order. Current lead time is approximately 6 weeks.




Similar to the hard maple flooring we offer, this alternative option is a softer product with lots of character. The sapwood is a creamy tan color with streaks of brown, blue and dark tan running through it.

The small holes and streaks were caused by the ambrosia beetle which bores into soft maple trees and leaves behind fungal spores, these are then pulled through the tree by its sap which leave behind the streaks we see. Don’t worry, the ambrosia beetles aren’t present in our flooring as they’re only interested in living trees. The kiln drying process takes care of any fungus or beetles that might have stuck around after the tree was harvested.

Janka Rating: 950

All hardwood flooring is 3/4″ thick, solid wood with a Tongue & Groove joint. Other options such as Sanding, End Trimming and different thicknesses are available – add a Note below, or contact us for more information.

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