How Much Picture Frame Moulding Do I Need?

How Much Picture Frame Moulding Do I Need?Sometimes you need to know down to the 1/16″ how much picture frame moulding you will need to make a frame or rail for a frame. Since most often you are dealing with the Frame Dimension the actual length you need will be greater than the measurements you have written down.

To accurately assess your picture frame moulding needs, you will need to collect the following data:

  • The width of the moulding (W)
  • Rabbet width (R) − not height
  • The amount of material lost between pieces on your chopper or saw (C)
  • Allowance amount (A)
  • Dimension1 (D1) and Dimension2 (D2)

Using the above definitions, follow these directions to determine the number of inches needed for picture frame moulding:

Frame Dimension
One Frame: ((D1 + D2) • 2) + (((WR) • 2 + A) • 4) + (3 • C)
One Rail: (WR) • 2 + A + (D1 or D2)
Sight Size
One Frame: ((D1 + D2) • 2) + ((W • 2 + A) • 4) + (3 • C)
One Rail: (W • 2) + (D1 or D2)
Outside Size
One Frame: ((D1 + D2) • 2) + (3 • C)
One Rail: (D1 or D2)

In all cases you will need to figure out how much you need to trim off the end(s) to accommodate any splits, dings, etc.

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