The Versatility of Light Oak Hardwood Floors

Known for its preeminence in the Arts & Crafts furniture movement, White Oak can also be a very good choice for hardwood flooring. White Oak is strong, beautiful, easy-to-work, and economical, representing exceptional value. It is also extremely stable, especially when quartersawn.

White Oak takes stain easily, giving you many color options. In fact, if you choose finishing in place for your flooring, your choices of color, sheen and texture can be infinite – depending only on the skill level of your installer (we recommend a professional). Light colored hardwood floors are popular, including white hardwood floors and light grey stained oak floors.

Oak flooring also comes in a variety of textures. It can be smooth with a subtle grain (like our White Oak Rift) or have a more rustic look (like our Country Rift and Quartered White Oak). Select Rift is clear, using predominantly the darker hardwood with an occasional stripe of sapwood. It is sawn for an exceptionally straight grain and extreme stability. Country Quartered includes sound knots and bark pockets, and is sawn for its secondary “ray fleck” graining and extreme stability.

These are only two of the five grades of White Oak flooring that Vermont Hardwoods offers. With so many color options and a variety of styles in different grades, you can be sure to find the right match for your style.

Light Oak Hardwood Floors at Vermont Hardwoods

An Alternative: Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

Red Oak is beautiful in its own right, especially in wider widths. Available in Country, Select, Select Quartered, and Select Rift, red oak can be a beautiful alternative to white oak at a more approachable price.

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