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Alternative Spacer Installations

When you order spacer cut to fit, we miter it to fit inside the rabbet with a very small allowance. The problem is that no matter how tight the tolerance is, it's almost impossible to completely eliminate a gap at the corner.

To make tight corners we suggest the following procedure (see diagrams below):

  1. Put the first piece of spacer in backwards; this piece can be up to about 1/8" undersize
  2. Now trim the second piece so it is ¼" shorter than the frame dimension and put it in backwards, ensuring that the point is pressing tight against the first piece of spacer; this piece can also be up to about 1/8" undersize
  3. Repeat step 2 on the third piece
  4. For the last piece you will finally have to make a precise cut, so that it fits tightly in between pieces 1 and 3. However, since there are points on both ends it can be a whisker (that's a technical term that means a very small amount) long and you will still be able to force it snugly in

If ordering cut-to-size spacer with your chop or frame, you will need to order it "cut long." This is because we assume you will be putting it in mitered and only finish the inside face; when ordered "cut long" we finish the outside face.


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