White Oak, Live sawn

$9.75 sq. ft.

All flooring, treads and millwork items are made to order. Current lead time is approximately 6 weeks.




You’re probably wondering what makes this option different than the rest of our plentiful white oak options. This method of sawing logs is the most traditional and efficient use of a log that’s being turned into lumber. The log gets cut from top to bottom without being flipped or cut at any angles, so you’ll end up seeing all of the different cuts, throughout your flooring.

From flat sawn to quarter sawn and even rift, some pieces will have all three exhibited in a single piece. With these multiple cuts within a single piece, you’ll be sure to have a unique and original look for your project.

Janka Rating: 1360

All hardwood flooring is 3/4″ thick, solid wood with a Tongue & Groove joint. Other options such as Sanding, End Trimming and different thicknesses are available – add a Note below, or contact us for more information.

Tip – if you’ve already calculated the Square Feet you need to cover, you can just enter a “1” in either the Width or Length field below, and the Square Feet you need in the other. The recommended waste factor will be calculated and added for you.


Tongue & Groove




Beadboard, Microbevel, Square, V-Groove



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White Oak