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We stock cabinetry-grade hardwood plywood. Pricing is listed below. If you're unfamiliar with plywood, see additional information on the type of cuts, grades, and cores.


We keep the following plywood in stock.

Many other species, grades, cores, and types of sheet goods are available upon special order, generally within one week.

For definitions of the cuts, cores, and grades, see the sections below.

Species / Type Cut Core 1/4" 1/2" 3/4"
Birch, Natural Rot G1S $29.27 B-2 $55.67 A-1 $86.47
Birch, Baltic Rot Birch B-B $30.53 B-B $43.53 B-B $61.67
Shop Birch Rot D-3 $72.67
Cherry PS A-4 $73.60 A-1 $116.63 A-1 $129.65
PS MDF A-1 $92.19
Maple, Natural, Finished Rot C-4 $52.56 C-2 $83.33 C-2 $101.33
Oak, Red Rot G1S $31.36 A-1 $68.23 A-1 $75.00
PS A-1 $78.00 A-1 $80.00
Walnut PS A-4 $81.03 A-1 $142.67 A-1 $178.40


10 sheets * 5%
25 sheets * 10%

* There must be a minimum of 3 sheets per item to qualify for a discount.


The cut determines whether the plywood looks like one piece of wood or multiple pieces of wood put together.

Rotary Cut (Rot)
Veneer is peeled around the log which gives a wavy pattern, more like builder's plywood. This allows for a single piece of venner across the whole sheet.
Plain Sliced (PS)
The veneer is sliced in a manner similar to the way logs are cut at a traditional sawmill, resulting in a look as if individual boards were edge-glued together.


The grade determines the aesthetic quality of the outside veneers of the plywood.

Face Grades
A − Good face; most used grade for cabinets and furniture
B − Natural color and characteristics, but still sound
C − Unlimited color and increased natural characteristics
D & E − Increased size of character marks as well as larger repair spots in the veneer; very rustic appearance
G1S − Good on one side
Back Grades
1 & 2 − Sound surface with any openings on the back face repaired; worm holes 1/16" or smaller
3 & 4 − Open defects permitted - these can be, but are not limited to, splits, bark pockets, and knot holes


The core is the wood between the face of the plywood and the back of the plywood. All cores are veneer core, except when noted otherwise.

Veneer Core
The core is a bunch of layers of veneer. The veneer is usually a cheaper wood, such as poplar, except where noted.
MDF Core
The core is MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), which is an engineered wood product made from combining wood fibers with a binder to form a panel.