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Our kindling is mostly hardwood, but occasionally may be pine or have some pine mixed in.

Carry Out

Small, kindling-like pieces such as found in the bundles (see below), cut to 16" and shorter. Packaged in a mesh bag in two convenient sizes.

Bags are available individually at our business and retail establishments throughout the local area.

Small Bag


½ Cubic Foot

Large Bag


Cubic Foot


Loading by forklift is available for bulk kindling.

Please note that the loading of bundles into your pickup is at your own risk, as the bundle must be dumped in. You are responsible to determine the suitability of your vehicle for transport of any product, including kindling, purchased from Vermont Hardwoods.



Long strips, usually edgings (aka rippings) from the edge of boards during the straightening process.

Pieces are generally smaller than 2" X 2" X 12'. The thickness ranges from ¾" to 2" and is fairly consistent within a piece, but the width of a single piece varies and may even taper down to nothing. The length varies from 4' to 12'.

A bundle is approximately 24" in diameter and 10'−12' long. A full-size pickup (with an 8' bed) or trailer is required to move these.


$35.00 with crate ($5.00 voucher if crate is returned)
$30.00 without crate

Pallet-sized boxes around 3'−3½' square and and 2'−3' tall tend to have more substantial material than the bundles cut to no more than 2' long. Pieces are mostly cut-offs of moulding and flooring, and can vary widely among crates.

If you don't have a pickup or trailer you can unload the crate by hand into the back of your SUV or station wagon.

Pallet of Bags


Bags described in the Carry Out section above are available in the following quantities:

  • 30 Large Bags
  • 40 Small Bags

No mixing and matching.