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Frequently Asked Questions


When are you open?

See our hours page for details on our hours of business.

Are you closed on holidays?

Yes, we are closed on major holidays. See the holidays section on our hours page for details.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through the information on the contact info page.

Where are you located?

See our locations and directions page for our physical address, a map, and directions.

Do you have directions to your business?

Yes, we provide directions from the four main routes into town in the directions section of our locations and directions page. Also on the locations and directions page above the map is a field for getting directions through Google Maps.

Are there any jobs available?

Job opportunities are listed on the employment page.


Where can I find pricing?

Pricing for different products can be found in the following places:

Pricing for kindling can be found on the kindling page
Pricing for lumber can be found on the lumber page
Pricing for plywood can be found on the plywood page
Pricing for millwork can be found on the millwork page
Flooring has its own division of the business, The Flooring Mill − pricing can be found there
Moulding & Frames
Pricing for moulding length, chops, and frames can be found by visiting individual profile pages that are linked from the moulding profiles list or viewing our catalog; for an estimate on the total cost of a chop or frame, use the chop footage calculator
Corner Samples
Pricing for corner samples can be found on the corner sample page
Custom Jobs
For pricing on custom jobs, contact customer service for a quote.
Finishing Supplies
Pricing for finishing supplies can be found on the supplies page
Promotional Clothing
Pricing for clothing promoting Vermont Hardwoods can be found on the logo products page

Do you have a product catalog?

Yes, we have a catalog for our picture framing products. If you would like one, visit our request a catalog page to download a PDF or request a hard copy.

What kinds of moulding do you have?

See our moulding profiles page for a complete list of stocked profiles.

What are the different ways I can order moulding?

The ways you can order moulding are described on the ways to order page.

How should I specify measurements for my chop or frame?

There are brief instructions on the chops and frames pages. There is also detailed information on measurement and allowance.

Do you put frames together?

Yes, we offer a couple of choices for joining frames together. See our frames page for details.

Do you install art into frames?

No, we do not install art. For art installation, see a framer.

Do you sell supplies for projects such as lumber and plywood?

Yes, we sell both dimensional and rough lumber, and an assortment of plywood.

Do you make...?

While flooring and picture frame moulding are the only things we make on a regular basis, we have equipment capable of much more. We can make stair parts, solid panels, and many other things. See our capabilities page for details.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, we accept custom orders for moulding profiles, millwork, and much more.

Do you sell wood for fireplaces and stoves?

Yes, we sell kindling in small packages as well as bulk.

Orders & Shipping

How do I place an order?

You can call, email, or fax us your order. For detailed instructions, see the page placing an order.

What types of payment do you accept?

The types of payment we accept are listed in the payment section of our terms and conditions page.

Can I receive wholesale pricing on my orders?

The wholesale pricing page has details on who qualifies for wholesale pricing and how to receive it.

How long will it take to ship my order?

There are two components involved in estimating how long it will take to receive a package from the time of order:

How can I find out if my order has been shipped?

You can contact us or use the tracking page to find out if your order has been shipped.

Can I track my package(s)?

Yes, we provide an order tracking page for shipments made through UPS. All you will need is your Customer ID.

What is the cost of shipping?

See the freight section on our terms and conditions page.


What kind of wood is in the banner at the top of the page?

The backround of the banner is a piece of our select hickory flooring.

Is there a list of all the pages on the website?

Yes, we have a list of all pages complete with descriptions on our site map page.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, it is available on our privacy statement page.

What are the benefits of creating an online account?

In a nutshell, the benefits are automatic form filling, custom pricing, and online ordering.

The usefulness of an online account is directly related to the amount of information connected to your account. By entering values into the available fields on the account creation page or your account page, those fields will automatically be filled in on forms.

The major benefits of an online account come from connecting it to your business:

  • Pricing on the website defaults to retail, but when an account is connected to a business the wholesale status and other business discounts are automatically factored into pricing tables and estimates.
  • If we have done any custom profiles for your business, you can view them by visiting the custom profiles page.
  • You may also place orders for your business online. See the order online FAQ below.

How do I create an online account?

You can create an online account by visiting the create account page.

How do I connect my online account to a business?

To connect your online account to a business, enter your Customer ID on the my account page or contact customer service.

Can I reset the password for my online account?

Yes, you can reset your password two different ways:

  • If you know your password, you can log in and visit the my account page − simply enter the desired password into the "Change Password" and "Change Password Confirmation" fields and hit "Submit Changes"
  • If you forgot your password, you can visit the forgot password page for instructions

What if I forgot the password for my online account?

If you forgot your password, you can visit the forgot password page for instructions.

What if I forgot the username for my online account?

If you forgot your username, visit the forgot username page for instructions.

How do I place an order online?

For instructions on placing an order online, see the placing an order page