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Employee Benefits

Health Insurance
We pay 50%, employee portion taken as pre-tax deduction. Also, employer paid $1000/year medical reimbursement Section 105 plan.
Paid Holidays
7 days per year.
Paid Sick Time
2 days per year.
Paid Vacation
5 days years 1 − 2
10 days years 3 − 10
15 days years 11 − 20
20 days years 21+
Safety Shoes
Up to $125 per year.
Other Safety Equipment
Hand, eye and ear protection all provided at no charge.
Retirement Plan
We match the employee's pre-tax contribution (up to a maximum of 3% of their salary) in our SIMPLE IRA plan.
20% discount off retail prices on material purchased for personal use.
Other Discounts
Arrangement with other Chamber of Commerce participants: fuel oil, ski passes, etc. (changes per current member offerings).