Credit Application

We are pleased to offer our terms of Net 30 Days to all qualified applicants, provided you complete at least one order prepaid by check or credit card, or COD.

However, we would like you to know up front that our terms are very strict. The terms of Net 30 Days applies to each individual invoice, and each invoice is expected to be paid on time. While we are not a finance company, we will act as one if forced; a finance charge will be assessed on all invoices still unpaid after 30 days, and every 30 days thereafter that it remains unpaid.

If you have any question of your ability to pay your invoices within 30 days we ask that you choose alternative payment options. Collection procedures are no fun for us or you, and cost everyone in the long run. COD is available at an additional cost of $12.50 per shipment, so we recommend Visa, MasterCard, American Express or the Novus family of cards (Private Issue & Discover).

When you fill out the application:

  • If you have a preprinted information sheet with references etc. we still need you to fill out the "Company Information" and "Agreement" sections
  • Type or write clearly
  • Please be sure to complete each section
  • Use only references that you currently have open accounts with - any accounts that you pay by credit card or COD terms do not qualify as references; please do not list them
  • Inclusion of Fax and Account numbers usually expedites the process

Download Credit Application (pdf)