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Corner Samples

We offer corner samples as examples of what a corner of a frame will look like once joined. The size will vary depending on which type of sample it is (see below for details). Any combination of profile, wood, and finish that we offer can be made as a corner sample.

Color Changes

If you choose to offer the natural Oil & Wax finish on Cherry and Mahogany, please note that your samples will get much darker over time. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with this color-changing process and make sure your customers also understand that the frame they receive from new wood will most likely NOT match your corner sample.

In addition to our traditional Oil & Wax finish, we offer stained finishes that help achieve a similar look without the wait time. See the finishing page for details.


We have two types of corner samples, as well as chips:

Mitered Chop corner sample Mitered Chop
Our standard corner samples measure 7¾" on the outside and the ends are miter cut. The pieces are joined with glue − the corner is NOT representative of our Chop & Join option.
Finished Corner Frame corner sample Finished Corner Frame
Finished Corner Frame samples measure 10½" long and the ends are blunt cut. The corner is representative of the join on a Finished Corner Frame.
Chips are pieces of moulding that show finishes on woods. Chips are generally 4" - 6" long and have no particular cut. Chips can only be ordered in a wood and finish − profiles may not be requested.


Mitered Samples † §
Set of 43 * $90.00
Individual $4.50
Finished Corner Frame Samples
Set of 5 ** $90.00
Individual $25.00
Chips FREE

For customers who maintain a buying relationship with Vermont Hardwoods of at least $500 per year are eligible for free or new corner samples.

§ New customers and customers who do not maintain a buying relationship with Vermont Hardwoods of at least $500 per year are eligible for a rebate: a credit will be applied for the amount spent on corner samples and will automatically be applied against moulding orders until fully used up.

* Includes at least one sample of each wood/finish combination available in 43 assorted profiles. For a list of the profiles included, see the Mitered Set section below.

** Includes a small cap, large cap, floater, and 2 flats to show the configuration of the spline. For a list of the profiles included, see the Finished Corner Set section below.


Mitered Set

The following table details which finished profiles are included in our mitered set, which has a total of 43 samples mitered and joined. For pricing, see above.

Ash Cherry Mahogany Maple Bird's Eye Maple Oak, Red Qtrd W Oak Walnut
100 Maple - WhiteT
104 Mahogany - AntiqueQ
110 Walnut - Satin BlackK
120 Ash - Oil & WaxF
122 Maple - Rising Warm WhiteA
130 Walnut - EbonyE
132 Ash - Rising WhiteI
140 Maple - Oil & WaxF
143 Oak, Red - Oil & WaxF
158 Maple - Clear LacquerL
164 Ash - WhiteWashW
184 Maple - Satin BlackK
205 Oak, Red - Clear LacquerL
215 Cherry - AntiqueQ
216 Walnut - Oil & WaxF
220 Walnut - Satin BlackK
225 Maple - WhiteWashW
230 Walnut - PadaukP
235 Maple - WhiteWashW
300 Qtrd W Oak - Oil & WaxF
301 Ash - Rising Warm WhiteA
302 Qtrd W Oak - CharcoalC
304 Qtrd W Oak - MissionM
306 Mahogany - AgedG
312 Maple - Rising WhiteI
333 Cherry - Black CherryD
351 Walnut - EbonyE
352 Qtrd W Oak - Clear LacquerL
354 Ash - WhiteT
356 Cherry - AgedG
413 Bird's Eye Maple - AgedG
415 Bird's Eye Maple - AntiqueQ
500 Mahogany - Oil & WaxF
510 Cherry - Oil & WaxF
Step Floaters * 900 , 901 , 902
915 Ash - Clear LacquerL
916 Maple - Satin BlackK
917 Cherry - AntiqueQ
918 Maple - WhiteWashW
919 Maple - WhiteT
921 Walnut - Special DarkB

* 1 piece − not a corner

Finished Corner Set

The following table details which finished profiles are included in our finished corner set. For pricing, see above.

120 Cherry - Black CherryCherry − Black Cherry
143 Maple - WhiteMaple − White
300 Walnut - Satin BlackWalnut − Satin Black
301 Cherry - AntiqueCherry − Antique
901 Maple - WhiteWashMaple − WhiteWash