Flooring Finishes

Flooring finishes expand the style possibilities of a hardwood floor while simultaneously improving the quality. An important function of many finishes is to help protect the wood and increase your floor’s durability. Understanding the flooring options available can help you make the best choice for your home.

Types of Flooring Finishes

A clear finish is the most popular selection, but you can also choose from 1 or 2 color stains, wire brushing, bleaching and fuming which means your options are limited only by your imagination. We have a selection of stock colors to choose from.

Aluminum oxide flooring finishes are generally urethane based but have aluminum oxide infused into them to add fantastic scratch resistance. Aluminum oxide is a naturally occurring element and is normally mined in a crystal form and then ground up for products including sandpaper, plastics, sunscreen and cosmetics.

This type of finish protects the flooring in a few different ways. First it seals the wood to reduce the absorption of moisture into the planks which will help control shrinkage and expansion between the winter and summer months. The finish also reduces the amount of UV light the wood absorbs from natural light inside of the home. It provides a very durable finish for high traffic areas or pets.

When are Flooring Finishes Applied?

Flooring finishes are often applied after the flooring is laid. This is called “finishing in place.” It’s not your only option, however, as pre-finished flooring is also available. So how do you know which is best for you?

Finishing in Place

Finishing in place is the traditional method of completing a solid hardwood floor. Sometimes circumstances make it very challenging, but generally speaking, the end results of finishing in place are superior to other methods in terms of consistency, color and finish matching. With finishing in place you have available the benefit of a penetrating oil based finish which will reveal the inner glow and cannot be duplicated by any other method. And depending on your skill level or that of your installer (we recommend a professional) your choices of color, sheen and texture are infinite.

We generally recommend finishing in place to preserve the best attributes of your solid wood wide-plank floor. We offer a couple options to make the job easier – pre-sanding as well as end-trimming so each plank is ready to install when you take it off the pile. Sometimes, however, finishing in place is just not practical. If the logistics involved are challenging or simply too much of a hassle, it’s time to consider pre-finished flooring.

With Vermont Hardwoods, now you can have the best of both worlds – the beauty and durability of a solid wide plank hardwood and the immediate gratification of a pre-finished floor.

Pre-Finished Flooring

While finishing in place is the traditional method of completing a solid hardwood floor, sometimes circumstances make it very challenging. In the case of a remodel, even with “dustless” sanding systems and low VOC finishes, if you are actively living in the house it can be very unpleasant. Additionally, the logistics of dealing with movement of furniture, waiting for finish to cure etc. can make it a long, drawn out process.

With pre-finished material, once you install a piece, you’re done with it, and that makes it very attractive to homeowners and contractors alike.

We offer pre-finishing through a third party that provides UV (UltraViolet light) cured finishes. Options include UV Cured Oil (very matte) and UV Aluminum Oxide in four different sheen levels – matte, satin, semi-gloss and gloss.​

After milling, your flooring is sanded and six coats of an aluminum oxide based finish are applied. This finish is extremely durable and available in several sheen levels.​

Please allow an additional 2-4 weeks of lead time for pre-finishing. We will be happy to provide current backlog when you are ready to place your order.​ Other items such as stair treads and hand railings can also be pre-finished to match your floor.

Ask for details.

The Microbevel

Microbevel Pattern Pre-finished flooring generally has a “microbevel”, a small, 45 degree bevel on the edge of the planks approximately 0.10” from edge to edge. This bevel is highly recommended and allows for small deviations in height which would normally be sanded smooth on an in-place finishing situation.

Additionally, a matching bevel is added on the cut ends of each plank.

Your pre-finished floor will have defects removed and the ends of each plank cut square which means it will be ready to install when you receive it. This removes the likelihood of chipped finish, as well as ensuring that the ends will have the same finish and pattern as the edges.

Pre-finishing prices per square foot
for clear finish or one of our stock stain colors

Quantity* Pre-Finished Flooring Cost per SF
Prime/Select Country​
251+ $3.23 $4.21
501+ $2.88 $3.83
3501+ $2.81 $3.76
6001+ $2.58 $3.53
10001+ $2.51 $3.46

*Orders of 250 SF or less will incur a $300 setup charge.

Making Your Job Easier

When each plank comes off the pile ready to install, the whole day runs smoother. Vermont Hardwoods offers the following services for your flooring order.

  • Sanding
    • Not available with a square pattern.
  • End Trimming
    • End trimming enables quick and easy installation without needing a precise cut on the end of the planks since we do it for you.
    • If ordering a microbevel pattern, we can also microbevel the cut ends to match.
    • Price varies by grade and pattern. Please ask for pricing based on your particular needs.
  • Cut Nails
    • Nails are required for flooring with a square edge joint, and recommended for any flooring 10″ and wider.
    • We offer old-fashioned cut nails from Tremont. For pricing or more information, contact us.
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