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Vermont Hardwoods is, as its name suggests, situated in Vermont. This page has some information about Vermont, since many seem to be curious.

See our Chester page for detailed information on the town our business is located in.

Quick Facts

Vermont state flag
Independence 1777
Statehood 1791 − 14th State
Capital Montpelier
Population 621,760 (2009 est.)
Density 65.8 / sq. mi.
Area 9,620 square miles
Elevation 1000 feet (average)
Nickname The Green Mountain State
Motto Freedom and Unity


Native Americans lived in Vermont before European exploration and settlement. In 1609, the French claimed Vermont as part of New France. Despite many Brish attempts to take control of the region, they were unsuccessful until 1759 and were formally given control in 1763 after the French were defeated in the French and Indian War.

A year after the British took control, the King declared the New York−New Hampshire border to be the Connecticut River. When New York ignored land titles given through the New Hampshire Grants before this border was defined, colonists were unhappy and fought for independence. The militia of the Green Mountain Boys was largely responsible for independence, which was gained in January of 1777. Originally called Republic of New Connecticut (or Republic of the Green Mountains), the independent state was later renamed Vermont, which is similar to the French for "Green Mountains."

The Battle of Bennington took place in August of 1777, a turning point in the Revolutionary War that marked the first major defeat of the British troops. Although the actual battle took place just outside Bennington across the New York border, approximately a quarter of the American troops were from Vermont and included the Green Mountain Boys.

Vermont had made slavery illegal since its independence, but did not free slaves. Nevertheless, it was safer than most other states. Vermont was along some routes of the Underground Railroad, and many slaves passed through on their way to freedom in Canada.


  • Vermont prohibited slavery in 1777, the first state in the New World to do so
  • Vermont lost 15% of the 34,000+ men sent to battle during the Civil War, a higher percentage than any other state
  • Lake Champlain, situated in the northwest corner, was once a Great Lake (for 18 days)
  • Vermont produces the most maple syrup in the United States
  • In recent years, Vermont has been ranked in the top 10 states in various health and safety studies, including those of well-being, low crime, and highway safety
  • Billboards are illegal in Vermont
  • Vermont was ranked in the top 5 states for litter eradication in a 2008 study
  • The von Trapp family (of The Sound of Music) settled in Stowe, VT, after fleeing Austria
  • Vermont only comprises 0.2% of the U.S. population
  • There are over 80 publicly owned covered bridges in Vermont

State Symbols


Song "These Green Mountains"
Bird Hermit thrush
Flower Red clover
Insect Western honey bee
Fish Brook trout (cold-water)
Walleye (warm-water)
Tree Sugar maple
Mammal Morgan horse
Amphibian Northern leopard frog
Reptile Painted turtle
Rock Granite


Mineral Talc
Pie Apple
Soil "Tunbridge Soil Series"
Beverage Milk
Gem Grossular garnet
Fossil Beluga skeleton
Miscellaneous Maple syrup
Eastern white pine
White-tailed deer
14 (Vermont was the 14th state to enter the union)


See where Vermont places in a number of categories in comparison with the rest of the 50 states (and sometimes Washington, D.C.)! Rank from 2007, unless otherwise specified.

Category Rank
Lowest CO2 Emissions (per capita) 3/51
Highest % Renewable Energy 9/50
Highest Life Expectancy (2005) 7/51
Lowest Population (2009) 3/51
Lowest Population Density 18/51
Lowest Unemployment Rate (2010) 5/51
Lowest Poverty Rate 3/51
Highest Median Household Income (2008) 20/51
Highest Mean Elevation 22/51

Essence of Vermont

Famous People

Ethan Allen 1738-1789 Revolutionary War patriot
Daniel Webster 1782-1852 14th Secretary of State
Chester Arthur 1829-1886 21st President
Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley 1865-1931 Snowflake photographer
Calvin Coolidge 1872-1933 30th President
Ross Powers 1979-Present Snowboarder (Olympic gold medalist)