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We offer some standard surfacing options, described below.

Finish Description
S/2/S Surfaced on 2 sides
S/3/S Surfaced on 3 sides
S/4/S Surfaced on 4 sides


The following pricing is for milling our own 4/4 (¾") lumber For thicker stock, consult the table below for a price multiplier. For milling your own (clean, dry) lumber, multiply all prices by 2.

There is a minimum charge of $15.00 for millwork.

To avoid doing the math, use our handy price calculator!

Thickness Multiplier
5/4 (1") 1.25
6/4 (1¼") 1.5
8/4 (1½") 2

4/4 Prices

Prices are per Board Foot (BF).

S/2/S S/3/S S/4/S
50+ BF $0.85 $1.15 $1.50
100+ BF $0.55 $0.85 $1.20
250+ BF $0.25 $0.55 $0.90

Board Foot (BF) = 1" thick x 12" wide x 1' long

Price Calculator

This tool can be used to calculate the price you will be billed for when having milling done. Simply choose the type of finishing, the thickness of the wood, the source of the wood, and how many Board Feet will be milled.

Source Vermont Hardwoods Personal Stock
Amount BF

* This is an estimated price which cannot be guaranteed. For an exact quote, contact customer service.

Custom Millwork

We have many tools and capabilities, and are happy to do custom milling jobs.

Contact customer service for a quote.