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Following is a list of supplies used for finishing. We don't sell the tung oil, but are happy to supply you with the others!

To order, contact us.

Watco Danish Oil

Natural Watco Danish Oil

Color #65841 − Natural
$10.50/pint • $14.50/quart • $32.25/gallon

Doesn't actually add color to the wood, but tends to darken it. We use this oil on Cherry, Mahogany, and Walnut in our Oil & Wax finishing process.

Warning: When used on Oak, it "bleeds" back out of the open pores, sometimes literally for days.

Formby's Tung Oil

Formby's Low-Gloss Tung Oil

#30110 − 32 oz. low-gloss

We use this oil on Ash, Maple, and Oak in our Oil & Wax finishing process.

Watco Satin Wax

Watco Natural Satin Wax

Color #67041 − Natural Satin Wax
Color #66941 − Dark Satin Wax
$10.50/pint • $14.50/quart • $32.25/gallon

We use this wax in our Oil & Wax finishing process − Natural for Ash, Basswood, Cherry, Maple, and Oak; Dark for Mahogany and Walnut.

Liberon Palette Dye

Liberon Ebony Palette Dye

Color − White
Color − Ebony

These palette wood dyes are water-based acrylics. While we do not use these dyes, many framers do. If you would like to use them, they are available direct from Sepp Leaf Products.