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Site Map

Following is a listing of all the site pages and descriptions of their content.


An introduction to Vermont Hardwoods and some information to get started on our website

General Info

General information about wood, picture framing, and this website

Wood Info

Descriptions and pictures of the available woods; information on grain and color changes

How We Make Moulding

A video detailing the careful steps we take to make our moulding

Helpful Hints

Some tips and tricks we've learned over the years to make your job easier


Answers to frequently asked questions

Environmental Impact

Our approach to keeping the earth clean and healthy while we do business

Site Map

A listing of all the site pages and their descriptions

Privacy Statement

Our statement on how we respect online privacy

Customer Service

Information for current and potential customers

Request a Catalog

Online form to request a catalog for both new and current customers


Information on our shipping carriers and policies

Account Setup

Information on and applications for accounts

Point of Sale Systems

Instructions for using POS systems with our products


Information, instructions, and pricing for our products

Lumber & Millwork

Wood products used in projects and construction

  • Kindling

    Information and pricing on kindling for use in fireplaces

  • Plywood

    Information and pricing for plywood

  • Lumber

    Information and pricing on lumber

  • Millwork

    Information on the milling services we offer

    • Architectural Profiles

      Complete list of standard architectural profiles, including measurements

    • Surfacing

      Information and pricing on the surfacing options we offer

  • Flooring

    Solid wide plank wood flooring

Picture Framing

Products, instructions, and billing for picture framing materials

  • Terminology

    Definitions and diagrams describing the anatomy of moulding

  • Moulding Profiles

    Complete list of available profiles, including measurements and pricing

  • Moulding Application

    Instructions for applying different kinds of moulding

  • Corner Samples

    Information on the corner samples we offer

  • Finishes

    List of finishes offered; includes pictures of every finish on each applicable wood

  • Ordering & Billing

    Information on ordering and billing, including wholesale pricing and discounts

  • Supplies

    Details and pricing for finishing supplies

Logo Products

Availability and pricing for Vermont Hardwoods t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more!

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of sale for our products


Trivia and history of the beautiful state of Vermont


History, weather, pictures, fun facts, etc for Chester, Vermont

About Us

Information about Vermont Hardwoods, including hours, contact information, and directions


Business hours and holidays

Contact Info

General contact information; online form for suggestions and complaints

Location & Directions

Physical address, map, directions, information for pickup and delivery


A picture and brief bio for each of our valued employees

Facility & Capabilities

Information on the equipment we have and what we can do with it


Brief history of Vermont Hardwoods

Photo Gallery

Photos of our facility, products, and the surrounding area


Professional and other memberships


List of open positions


Pages regarding the creation and management of online accounts

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