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Placing an Order

This page describes in detail the process of placing an order.

Orders will be charged at the time of shipment according to the payment terms your business is set up with.

  1. Pick a profile
  2. Pick a wood and finish
    • Note that not all woods and finishes are available in each profile − see the detailed profile page for a list of available woods and finishes
  3. Pick a cut
    • If ordering length, determine how much footage you would like
    • If ordering a chop or frame, determine what dimensions and allowance your item should have (standard allowance is 1/8" on all profiles except #916#921 unless otherwise specified)
  4. Make sure to understand the terms and conditions of sale
  5. Place the order
    • Online
      1. To place an online order, you must first be logged into a business-connected account
      2. To add to your order, you have two options:
      3. To review, edit, or submit your order, go to the my order page
        • To edit your order, make changes to the quantity as desired and choose Update
        • To submit your order to us, choose Place Order
    • By Phone, Email, or Fax
      1. Contact us by phone, email, or fax
        • If ordering length, list the footage, profile, wood, and finish
        • For a chop or frame, list the following as applicable:
          1. Profile
          2. Wood
          3. Finish
          4. Cut (if other than mitered chop)
          5. Dimensions
          6. Allowance / Fit (if other than the standard)
        • If ordering by email or fax:
          • Your Customer ID, or Name and Address, must be included
          • Woods and finishes may be specified by name or code

Example Orders

By Phone

The following are examples of how to order a variety of items over the phone.

100 feet of 940 Maple, Raw
350 feet of 225 Ash, WhiteWash
Chop & Frame
510 Mahogany, Sanded, 10 by 12 with 1/16 allowance
104 Cherry, Oil and Wax, Finished Corner Frame 8½ by 10½ Sight
300 Oak with Clear Lacquer, Straight Cut, 12 by 16

By Email or Fax

The following are examples of how to order a variety of items by email or fax. Note that you only need to use the full notation (on left) or the shorthand notation (on right), not both.

100' 940 Maple Raw 100' 940MR
350' 225 Ash WhiteWash 350' 225AW
Chop & Frame
510 Mahogany Sanded, 10 X 12 w/ 1/16 allowance 510HS 10 X 12 w/ 1/16 allow
104 Cherry Oil & Wax, Finished Corner Frame 8-1/2 X 10-1/2 Sight FC-104CF 8-1/2 X 10-1/2 Sight
300 Oak Clear Lacquer, Straight Cut 12 X 16 300OLX 12 X 16