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Frames are cut using FACTS terminology. Standard allowance is 1/8" on all profiles − except 916 and 917, which have no allowance − but you are welcome to specify differently if you like (e.g. 1/16" allowance). To calculate the footage necessary to create the frame, which is the amount that will be billed for, see the Chop Footage Calculator.

Smaller frames (up to about 18" x 30" Outside Dimension) can be shipped in a standard cardboard box at no additional charge. Larger sizes will need to have a custom made wood sided crate built at the cost of $12.50 per crate. Maximum frame size for UPS shipment is approximately 80 united inches on the Outside Dimension (e.g. 20" x 60", 30" x 50", 40" x 40"). Larger frames will need to be shipped by truck. Please contact us for an estimate if you have any questions.

Frames are made with every effort to ensure that all four pieces are of a similar color and grain. When possible, we chop a frame from one length of moulding. Frames of the same moulding are not selected to match one another unless specified, in which case there will be an extra charge:

2 Frames 10%
3 − 4 Frames 15%
5+ Frames 25%

Chop & Join

Chop & Join

What could be simpler than giving us the Frame Dimension and then popping in your glass and mounting package? Your Chop and Join will be glued and joined with dovetail wedges to give you a strong and unmarked frame.

There is an Oversize Charge for Chop & Joins that require more than the following footage for an individual frame:

over 12' 10%
over 16' 20%

Finished Corner Frame

Finished Corner Frame

For the ultimate in appearance and durability, order out of our spline jointed Finished Corner Frames. Handcrafted one at a time using splines of matching (or contrasting, if desired) wood, hand sanding and finishing with multiple coats of oil and wax or water-based coatings complete this masterpiece.

To see how we make these special frames, see the how we make finished corner frames page.